Brave Enough

the term ‘brave’ has been something of a theme for me the past two years. I’ve tried to be more brave in my actions – taking a risky step towards a dream even if it means giving up an original plan. going to that thing I’m dreading but I know will be worthwhile. having those conversations that I don’t want to have but know I need to. whatever that scary, big thing may look like, I’ve tried to remind myself that Jesus makes me brave and I can do it. every brave thing I can recall in the past two years required some kind of action.

I just started reading ‘a million little ways’ by emily freeman (check her out if you haven’t friends, she has a gift with words & she’s amazing). this book is all about uncovering the artist in all of us and using our artistic talents to glorify God.

not even a full chapter in, this sentence hit me full on:

‘Maybe you are brave enough to listen, to wait, to trust.’

hold on. am I seeing those words in the same sentence?



sure, I understand the listening and trusting. any brave act takes a good amount of those things, and taking the initiative to do those could be considered brave on its own.

but waiting? that is not something I would ever consider brave. it sounds like a whole lot of sitting and silence and patience, but surely not brave. I could argue that waiting happens between the brave – either before or after doing the brave thing. but the two could never be one and the same, right?

I’ve always viewed brave as taking a big step – be it that new job, a big move, a life plan change. there’s always some image of moving forward when I picture what it means to be brave.

I want to have the adventure that comes with brave. I want to take the risks that come with being brave. I want to be able to look back and SEE what was being done while I was busy being brave.

so what do you do when you see the door to your adventurous, daring dream wide open – but God tells you to first go through a different door that He’s opened for you?

you listen. you trust. you WAIT.

that’s where God is calling me to be. to sit with Him with an attitude of patience. to rest in the silence that so rarely comes in this world. to soak in the words He is speaking so clearly to me, but I have been so sequestered to hearing. to take the first open door and trust that the dream will still be there when He calls me back to it.

and I so wish I could tell you that this is easy to do.

“God, am I not ready? what more could you want to do through me? should I give up the dream altogether? how can I believe that it’ll still be there if I don’t take it immediately?”

friends, it is PAINFUL to sit and stare at a dream head on and know that you are being asked to wait to take it.

for me, that pain looks like zero self-confidence. like negative self-worth. like I’m messing something up or missing out on something.

for God, it looks like being brave.

God so loves when we listen to Him. it sounds obvious, but think about how RARE it must be for us to fully give ourselves over and trust him. He knows it’s hard for us. He knows we let the enemy get in our heads and tell us differently.

and for us to overcome those fears that are planted in our heads is BRAVE.

for us to see beyond the doubt and focus on Jesus is BRAVE.

for us to be willing to sit and listen and wait and trust is BRAVE.

because He sees how much we want the dream. but He assures us that in His timing, He’s going to surpass all expectation we could ever have for what lies ahead, even if it looks different than we planned.

and praise Jesus for that.